Are you happy with your workout?

Are you happy with your workout?

So, are you happy with your workout??  Does your chosen fitness programme make you smile??

We hope that it does, but have you ever really looked around a fitness facility?....This doesn't always appear to be the case!


It can be all manner of reasons that causes this and many times this can be undue pressure that it put on us by external forces.  

  • Not hitting the right amount of steps today
  • Not achieving a personal best
  • Not getting the new dance fitness routine right
  • Not holding the yoga pose as long as the person you are next to
  • The list could go on...….
BUT..... Does it really matter??

No, not really.  We should enjoy the activity we are doing, after all, this will make it easier to adhere to.  Yes we do need to push our limits to reap the benefits of exercise adaptation and gain health and fitness benefits, but we should still gain some enjoyment from the practice.  If we don't hit the targets today then don't think of it as a failure, we can always try again next time.  It could just be that today wasn't your day.  Let that thought go and move on.

Always look for the positives.....
  • Did you try?
  • Did you make it into the class?
  • Did you actually get to the gym?
  • Did you put your heart into it today?
If you can honestly say yes to any of these questions, then good!  You have achieved and you certainly have something to smile about!  Well done!

Granted, people may have issues going on in their lives, but remember, if we try to be Mindful and live in the moment we will learn to enjoy what we are doing right now.